About us

With constant effort in fostering innovation in science, technology and management, we strives towards becoming the agencies offering the most popular national and global platforms, softwares and services.


Applying superior technology to create different and leading products. Together, we create and overcome our limitations to bring the most impressive experience to our customers. The Innovation Center welcomes new elite members to create new and amazing products !

Company culture


Our mission as well as our responsibility is to provide smart solutions, products, services for society in all fields such as training, management, healthcare, applications, and high quality technology transfer.

Respect the differences

We accept people as they are, in terms of strengths, weaknesses, both good and incomplete. At the same time, we create the maximum conditions for everyone to be themself, as well as create the best opportunity for each individual to develop and succeed.

Team spirit

When we win, we win together. We value teamwork and cooperation among individuals, developing together for common goals.

Always innovating

We always try to learn new things, apply modern technology to our own lives, work hard and live passion.

Career development opportunities

The promotion roadmap is well-established, there are many opportunities to develop yourself in higher positions

Self development

Attend training sessions, sharing expertise & soft skills from experts inside and outside the company

Development strategy

Reinvent - Continue innovating existed products. Enhance them with new, advanced technologies

User Experience - Bring the best experience for users when using products and services

New Values - Provide Galaxy platform for developers and 3rd parties

Flexible - Flexibility, easily to integrate with many systems

APIs - Based on Microservice API platform

Security - Products with safety, absolute security

Technology - Products with advanced technologies